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Botanica Candles Update

I’m finally free to give a product update. I’ve been spending a lot of time teaching Psychology, and now that I am experiencing a career transition, I plan to focus on Candle making.

I use my products often and I find that they are more potent than botanica candles because it aligns with astrology, hoodoo, numerology and essential oils. Here is a bit of a product update:


Botanica candles will only be made with alchemy that I use in my own practice, research, knowledge and skill set. Candles will be restocked over the next two weeks and are sold in small batches. First come, first served. The Candle line will include:


Road Opener

True Love & Yemaya Healing

All other candles outside of this line will require consultation for private candle crafting. These sessions are designed for beginner and experienced practitioners. Sessions include divination regarding your concern, and an individualized Beeswax Candle for your private use.*** Private Candle crafting sessions will be available Monday, June 3rd on the website. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••

I am currently in a spiritual practice of blending essential oils following traditional hoodoo formulas. Essential oil blends and private sessions will be available soon.




Special thanks to all those who have shown support in the past and loved the products. You’re inspiring. ***Note: I do not provide Candle magic services. Candle Crafting sessions are for candles crafted for private use only.


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