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Celebrity Palm Analysis: Cardi B

This is Cardi B’s hand from an Instagram story. I like to analyze celebrity palms whenever I get a glimpse of it in photos, and here’s why:

The kinds of questions people ask with palmistry and tarot are different. One of the common questions in Palmistry is: will I be successful in my career? Or will I be financially prosperous? There is no definite answer because there isn’t a “rich person line” on the hand, but rather certain indicators of character.


Cardi B doesn’t have any clear signs of success that are completely different than anyone else’s. What does stand out about her palm (based on her age) is what is happening right around the time she became famous until present times (24y.o.-26 y.o). On her career line, (indicated by the hand on the right), there is an influence line from the mount of moon, which indicates an unpredictable change beginning around 24/25. This unpredictable change is then followed by a heavy increase in work (#demandingResponsibilities) between 25 and 29 because her career line darkens after the unpredictable change happens. But at the same time, she was consistent in her work ethic prior to this unpredictable change (before 24 y.o) Based on her career line in her 30s, I predict that she won’t be doing exactly the kind of work she is doing now, as it seems she will be working under a tight schedule and restrictions between 24-29 y.o. In her 30s, she may back out of the music scene, and do something less restricting, which will change throughout her 30s (she’s prone to changing her work in her 30s); she could possibly have changing roles on TV for example.

Her life line (outlined by the hand on the left) is also short, which indicates that she doesn’t sleep well, and is constantly busy. She may always be tired based on this life line. This is a trait that she built up well before fame as it takes years for this to be indicated on the life line.

Third, she has a secondary career line on the mount of moon (that is pointed towards her pointer or Jupiter finger), which indicates some ambitious career endeavor that is somewhat unpredictable. She’s been consistently doing this before fame, which could indicate long term investment in stock or housing (even before fame).


Her head line sharply dips into the mount of moon, which indicates she’s highly creative, has always stood out from others to the point that she may have had difficulties in being accepted (or feeling like she belonged) from a very young age, and she is prone to strong changes in mood, making her moody (yes, but) also more inclined to delve into artistic talents. She wouldn’t feel natural unless she was on stage or front and center in some way.


***Love Style***

Lastly, unrelated to her career is her heart line (indicated by the hand at the top), which I find to be interesting because of her relationship choices. The strongest part of her heart line is under her middle finger (Saturn finger), which indicates that she heavily invests herself in her relationships. She may become so unmovably grounded in a relationships she will stay through very difficult conditions. This, coupled with her heart line strongly extending into her Jupiter mount (pointer finger), indicates that she has an open minded perception of love and relationships causing her to have non traditional relationships and standards for them.

***Online Palm Analysis Available in Services Section.***

If you want to know what makes someone successful, you can start with doing a comparative analysis of your palm with someone who has admirable prosperity.

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