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Palmistry and Politics: Donald Trump

Did you know that Donald Trump in planning to run for a second term as the President of the United States in 2024 ? Whether or not he follows through with these plans, news outlet were buzzing recently with the possibility. I wanted to do a palmistry report on Donald Trump in 2021 but at the time I did not see the focus of such a report because how exactly do I analyze him? as a president, a media personality, or a person under various high penalty, legal investigations? The purpose of this palmistry report is to get an understanding of an enigmatic person, who through personal choices, and perhaps destiny, grabs the attention of mass amounts of people. I ask you to contemplate the cadence I use in describing his palm because it might grant insight into traits within your own palm, character or choices, along with the people around you.

When searching for unique characteristics in Donald Trumps palm, there are significant signs in his life line and head line. Other noteworthy markings: the minor lines, including finger shapes (chiromancy), and a Ring of Apollo.

Life Line
Source: HuffPost

The life line indicates our vital life force, energy levels and health. Looking at the thickness and quality of Trump’s life line, we can see that his life line and head line join together for the entire Mercury mount. This is an indication of a codependent relationship with his mother. His mother often restricted his freedom, which was not appreciated, as represented by a long chain extending from birth until about 12 yo. After some difficulty in his teenage years, Trump joined sports or physically demanding activities, to work on emotional expression, assertiveness, social skills and developing his autonomy. This is outlined by a thickening of his life line with broad, unclear distinctions during the ages of 15 y.o. to 26 y.o. After 26 y.o., Trump’s life line becomes thin, clear, and gathers around his thumb. A thinning of the life line indicates a reservation of energy. He may have become more isolated in his thoughts, mistrustful of others or reduced efforts to be transparent about his real thoughts and motivations. This is an influence that lasts the rest of his life.

The Head Line

Donald Trump’s head line is not abnormal in length, thickness or direction. He has a long head line that extends into his Neptune Mount, and stops right at the beginning of the mount. A long head line is a sign of a deep thinker, with high intellect. The high intellect is a sign that he likes to read and research. He could self educate on many topics for intellectual curiosity. His current status in his profession and his various financial endeavors are a result of intellectual curiosity, and he is likely to research opportunities on his own rather than be advised on the opportunities from others, such as with a traditional education path.

The direction of his head line is influenced by the bend under the mount of Saturn. Saturn is a mount of discipline and responsibility. It is related to fate as it often maps out our career and financial paths. Trump has an extended island on his head line under the Saturn Mount, and on the upper plain of Mars. The best way to describe this marking is as an island, but to be clearer, it is a area of the head line that has several obstructions, grills and lack of clarity. Typically, something like this on the head line could indicate headaches, migraines, insomnia and in some cases, head injuries. When I read into this obstruction occurring under the Saturn Mount however, I gather mental blockages due to stubbornness. His head line rest high on the Mount of Mars, which is the area of our actions towards others, or simply if, we are introverted or extroverted in our approach to groups. Because Trump’s head line obstruction also occurs on the Upper plain of Mars, he is likely to have fits of rage with groups of people. Combining the energy of Saturn and the upper plane of Mars, Trump often has what can be considered anxiety attacks, in which he experiences anger (Mars) towards groups of people under his leadership (Saturn). These can begin as an internal conflict with expectations, and preconceived rules for how people should act or even a conflict with his expectations of his own efforts towards advancement and progress (Saturn). These conflicts are vocalized and directed towards others because of the upper plane of Mars, but also the spacing between Trump’s fingers are revealing.
Source: Vanity Fair

Finger Spacing

Between the Mercury finger and the Apollo finger, Trump has a large spacing. This typically indicates someone who attracts attention based on their style of speech or even someone who likes attention of large crowds. This could explain his need to express intellectualism and his fits of stubbornness or rage, as listed in the previous section.

Ring of Apollo:

In general, a ring of Apollo identifies a blockage to creativity. Trump’s ring of Apollo forms in a V shape and intersects with his Apollo Line. When we consider the energy of Apollo, the Greek sun god, in palmistry, we note the energy of family relations, connection with childhood & children, and sparks of creative inspiration. The freedom of exploring pure, unfiltered creative inspiration was heavily influenced by Trump’s upbringing. He likely had a childhood with critical parents who were dismissive or strongly governed creative idealism, “foolishness,” and emotional expression. An upbringing such as this, often leads to a critical mindset in adulthood. Optimism often mixes with frustration and a loss of appreciation in the beauty of life. His family life will mostly like be turbulent as an adult, particularly as he connects to romantic partners. He may have a disdain for children, or the expression of emotional needs as he was rarely given the opportunity to explore his authentic self during a critical time in his development.

If we want to think about how such a character manifests itself throughout their life path, we need to look out for progression within the Saturn or fate line. Further questions for consideration: What are Trump’s next career moves? What is the lasting impact of his character on the world? Stay tuned for a follow up video with further exploration.

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