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Political Palmistry Analysis: Bernie Sanders

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

The following Palm Analysis is a brief overview of Bernie Sander’s palms. It is not a complete analysis, but rather a few insights into his character and dedication to political office. The analysis was determined from the photos in the posting. I do not make any political affiliations in this post, and analyze both the positive and negatives of each listed indication of the palm.


As a palm reader, I’m always looking at people’s hands out of habit. You can tell a lot of information about someone from a quick glance of their palm or the position of their hands. How do people hold their hands when they are relaxed; and what are the quickest assessments you can determine about their personality? The texture on the back of a person’s palm can determine their wisdom or penchant for hard work for instance. The way a person positions their hands speaks to their openness, agreeableness, transparency and sociability. The following characteristics of a palm can determine a person’s characteristics as much as the lines of the palm: the spacing of the fingers, the degree to which a person’s palm is clenched or spread wide; and whether the palm faces the public.

Hand Gestures and Trustworthiness

There are very few photos of Bernie Sanders palm. Many of the photos depicted show him with an open facing palm towards the public, and a slight fold of his fingers towards his palm. When watching debates, you can notice a consistency with the positioning of his hands. In palmistry, the open-faced hand towards the public often means the person is transparent or “an open book.” In the case of Bernie, we can assess that his open-faced palm is an appeal to the public that he is truthful, open minded and he has nothing to hide. It could also mean that he is not afraid to be vulnerable with his deeper opinions. The shadow side of this characteristic could be the tendency to say too much of his opinion if given the right circumstances. It would take a lot of awareness and/or training to hone in the blunt or direct aspects of this personality type. When communicating, Bernie couples his open faced palm with a folding of his fingers which could indicate frustration with a particular topic, or that he often thinks about the topic causing a sense of anxiousness.

In public speeches or debates, his open faced palm is coupled with a simultaneous pointing of his index and middle finger. This gesture emphasizes that what he states at that particular moment is a central to his opinion. This could indicate prior preparation of his opinion, and a rehearsal of his most poignant thoughts. You will find that Bernie uses hand gestures differently on interviews in comparison to public debates or speeches. During interviews, he emphasizes his opinions with his hands, by keeping his hands at the level of his heart. He gestures his entire palm forward in this position which shows that what he says is meaningful to him.

The Jupiter Mount and Work Ethic

Much of Bernie Sanders’ hands emphasize the mount of Jupiter (index finger). Bernie has a large Jupiter mount. In palmistry, the Jupiter mount represents someone’s religious or philosophical tendencies, drive, determination, confidence and subsequently ego, pride, arrogance or dogma[1]. His Saturn finger (middle finger) leans into his Jupiter finger. This is the clearest information to determine from the photos and it is a rarity. Leanings of fingers into other fingers takes many years to develop and only develops from habitual patterns of behavior. This characteristic indicates that Bernie has been progressive for many years of his life, with a consistent focus on finding the next challenge or ambition to move towards. The Saturn finger, which represents practicality, discipline and responsibility, would also make him quite serious with very little time for fun and leisure activities. He is not someone who rests until the work is completed, which could be exemplary of his work ethic. As the Jupiter mount represents philosophical thought, the leanings of the Saturn finger into it would indicate that he questions the facts and may believe in hidden truths. He could even be superstitious and would probably prefer a religion or faith that is “tried and tested.” This characteristic embodies the quote: “just because something is, doesn’t mean it has to be.”

In the shadowy aspects, his large Jupiter mount could indicate an arrogance of his opinions or beliefs. He most likely spends many hours researching under the influence of the Jupiter and Saturn fingers. He is so confident in his knowledge, that he is compelled to disseminate information and is attracted to teaching or lecturing. He could also be prideful in his opinions and it takes him much pondering over information to believe any of his opinions may be wrong. His confidence in his speech makes him magnetic, charming and influential over large crowds.

The Mercury Mount: The Economy and the Interpersonal

Bernie’s largest mount is the mount of Mercury (under the little/pinky finger). In palmistry, the Mercury mount is the study of wealth and business acumen.[2] Bernie has spent time studying the acquisition of wealth and most likely will spend the later ages of his life with many assets. He is clever, adaptable and has a strong understanding of commerce. In many cultures, Mercury is also a God of trickery, and with a quite large Mercury mount, Bernie is not above using complicated or underhanded tactics in the acquisition of wealth. To the public, some of these economic tactics could be confusing or not always well communicated, in comparison to some of his more humanitarian views. His mercury mount slightly leans into the Mount of Apollo (ring finger), which could indicate that his ability to plan for some of his ideas maybe grand diose, and to those not influenced by his charm, he may seem a bit unrealistic. However, due to his large mount of Mercury, he may have enough strategy to accomplish grand diose economic goals…

On a personal level, a large Mercury mount could indicate difficulties in maintaining intimate partnerships because he is often seen as ambiguous when situations call for clarity. Before the age of 40, he might have been uncertain of what he wanted from relationships and was often dedicated to the pursuit of his career as a number one priority. He may have at least one divorce in his life time.

Final Thoughts

Bernie Sanders has a horizontal line running across his mount of moon (the lower edge of his palm on the opposite side of the thumb). This is an indication that much of his life after this horizontal line touches his life line, age 80, will be devoted to winning people over through intellect. The line is often known as a line of networking, and it will ultimately indicate success in his later years. No matter the outcome of the upcoming election season, Bernie Sanders will continue to appeal to the public’s interests until about 85 y.o., at which time he may slow down his work, or retire.



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