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Palmistry and Politics: Vladimir Putin

I was inspired to analyze Vladimir Putin’s palm due to the unprecedented events of the recent Russian-Ukrainian war that he initiated. I was curious about the character of a person that would initiate war for imperialistic reasons. There are a few political figures who have initiated war in our lifetimes, and there are likely anomalies in each of their palms. While palmistry is a historical science, it remains a spiritual practice because of its 3000-year worldly presence. Because science was historically divine, I maintain an astrological and religious curiosity throughout this analysis. Here are the surprises of my findings:

Life Line

Vladimir Putin’s life line and head line begin together high on the Jupiter mount (mount of the index finger). This is quite significant because not only is his mentality ruled by Jupiter, but also his lifestyle. Jupiterian people, whose head and lifeline begin this high, are bound by a sense of duty and power while most likely seeking high government positions because of the chance for influence and control. They are also prone to religious dogmatism. Due to the life line being broken at the very beginning (infancy- toddlerhood) and then continuing upwards, there was some circumstance or event during childhood, possibly a move or life altering evet due to a family crisis. Based on this break in his life line and the thickness of his Jupiter Mount, I believe he could have learned a religious/ political doctrine or ideology in his earliest years that shifted his personhood towards power and control. This is a possibly a trauma that results from political strife which is indicated by the life line’s relocation to the top of the Jupiter mount. I would be curious about his astrological chart progression because he was probably impacted by a Jupiter transit in his early childhood. Putin was born in 1952, and this event happened within the first 7 years of his life.

Putin’s life line extends in the direction of the mount of Moon. Typically, when someone has a life line that extends even slightly to the mount of moon, they will be inclined to travel as an expression of identity, but his life line ends under the Apollo finger, in the lower plain of Mars. This is one indication that he prioritizes travel and being in foreign lands. His career would have involved constant movement between locations and covering more ground, due to his Jupiterian nature. He wants to leave an imprint on as much land as possible, most likely in the pursuit of the “uncharted” or extraordinary circumstances.

Life Line Progression

When I scroll down his life line for any events, I notice that there is an X figure on his life line. There is a combination of destiny and freewill here that draws in success and power over circumstances. On a spiritual note, Putin’s traumatic childhood experience put him in contact with a high level/ higher dimensional deity or force of nature. This entity or spirit guide which is linked to his family, adds vitality to his life force and creates a protective shield until his 60s, at which time he begins experiencing illnesses of the planet Saturn. Illnesses of Saturn include blood and lymphatic diseases related to detoxification, such as gall bladder disease, diabetes, blood clotting; and stomach issues. These illnesses are most likely a result of lifestyle choices, as he begins to endure life and generational karma.

Fate Line (Line of Saturn)

Putin’s fate line begins on the mount of moon, and has a branch going towards the life line. When the fate line begins this way, it is an indication that he can burn through money quickly because the Fate line primarily forms on the Mount of Mars, the ruling planet of Aries, war and fire. Due to his propensity to burn through money, Putin will most likely take risks with a large amount of money in pursuit of his career/ life goals. He is likely to have access to wealth throughout his life because his Jupiterian nature creates fortune.

In the progression of Putin’s Saturn line, his career maintains a Jupiterian focus beginning in his 50s. Combined with his Jupiterian nature, his life between 50 y.o. and death will focus on the pursuit of power, glory and consistent risky investments with an insatiable drive. While this does sound like divination, I speak to the application of his willpower no matter the actual outcome.

Mercury Line

In this section, I will attempt to translate the various energies contributing to the anomalies in Putin’s Mercury line. By anomaly, I refer to the clarity, strength and space this line occupies, which is not found on most palms. According to Indian palmistry, a long Mercury line indicates the strength at which Putin absorbs energies from the planets. I believe the planets that heavily impact his movement in this life are Jupiter and possibly Mars. In order to receive the blessings of these gods, he would need a pathway opened up by the planet Mercury based on folklore about Mercurial deities in West and East African religions. An example of a Mercurial deity would be Ellegua of the Ifa religion. Energetically, a long Mercury line would increase successful life outcomes due to sharpness of intellect or focus. He is likely motivated by development of skills, education, and continuous technical advancements.

When writing this palmistry analysis, I briefly researched Russian history for alignment. I’m curious to continue the discussion about this war, and Putin’s agenda or intention behind it. From his palm, I can devise that he is dogmatic or obstinate in political doctrines that he believes applies to the entire world and not just his home country. The mounts of his palm are large, which reflects his personality and his projections. He may not be transparent about his intentions, but he can be aggressive and threatening even when unprovoked. The anomaly of his joined head line and life line high on the Jupiter mount, combined with his rare Mercury line, is a representation of a strong, stubborn and defiant personality that reasons with others when it is convenient or strategic. The greatest likelihood of personal development was before the age of 40 when he had less political power. The direction of his fate line in older years suggests that he is unlikely to change his character or personality.

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