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The Dream Candle


The Dream
I’ve been focusing on creating a protection candle for Some time that not only banished and purified, but also addressed insidious forces that lasts for decades.
This purification candle astrologically aligns with the energies of Mars, Aries, Archangel Samael, Set and Horus. The herbs and numerological formula aligns with the constellation of Scorpio.  Traditionally, a red ritual candle, this candle was designed with a grey color to address internal battles while deflecting the power of the evil eye, and spiritual warfare. Eight house alignment protects against mysterious, unknown enemies, and reverses negativity back to the sender. 
This candle has a dual purpose for meditation, shadow work, and dreamwork. At the altar, combine this candle with bloodstone, diamond, garnet, jasper, ruby and/or topaz for maximum effects. This candle is meant for experienced practitioners, as clear intentions and focus is needed to direct this candle's energies.