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Wellness, Spirit and Intuition

My Background

A Counselor and a Diviner

Kelsey is a professional Palm, Oracle card, and Lenormand Tarot reader who has practiced spiritual consultation for 13 years in Brooklyn, NY. She is self taught through books, experience, intuition and continuous enthusiasm from satisfied clients. She has a variety of experiences with spiritual readings in face to face sessions, events and online reports. 

She has a Master's in Mental Health Counseling (since 2015). From her experience as a counselor, Kelsey integrates counseling techniques during readings and long-term sessions. Kelsey has experience assisting client's with depression, anxiety, substance abuse, career and relationship concerns.

Kelsey uses intuitive guidance and her background in Mental Health Counseling to provide a judgement-free space that promotes healing and clarity. As a consultant, Kelsey has been able to provide empathetic guidance through Palm readings, oracle card readings and Madam Lenormand tarot.  



Kelsey was very, very sweet! She was very warm and welcoming from the moment I walked into her place. She was very knowledgeable in her approach and was spot on with what she said. Some things were shocking but I appreciated her honesty. She made me feel comfortable and left room for me to ask questions. I definitely recommend her to anyone looking for some clarity and gaining a better understanding of their life path.

Marcia P.


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